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this is my passion

I’m pretty thankful God put me in this world at the same time as cameras. Photography is, without a doubt, my greatest passion. But, it’s not just clicking the shutter button that revs my soul; it’s the whole process of finding, capturing, editing, and presenting a photograph in a way that hopefully tells a compelling story. 


My photography journey began early.  According to old friends I've always been the one capturing the moment with a camera.  I began shooting seriously in 2005 and have worked to evolve my style ever since.  And people often ask me what my favorite thing to shoot is, which is a hard question to answer, as I love to shoot so many types of photography.  But, recently I realized my favorite things to photograph are joy and love.  I would consider it an honor to help capture bits of your story, as I'm sure it's filled with joy and love... 


As for the story of the self portrait, it comes from 2011 when I took a journey in a jeep out to the edge of west Texas with a dear friend. 


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